Could the world be run on solar power?

large scale solar power installations could be the best source of future energy

Large scale Solar power could be the best option moving forward

Could the world be run on solar power?

It’s widely acknowledged that the vast majority of currently used fossil fuels are running out, so much so that some scientists predict that we will be bereft of these fuel sources inside a century.

Its time to look at other forms of power, everyone agrees on that. One of the most viable long term solutions to the forecast power shortfalls is the widespread implementation of Solar Power.

As a comparison , the Solar Energy that hits a square mile in a year is the energy equivalent of over 4 million barrels of oil.

To match current energy demands the amount of area required to be tuned over to solar PV  would be around 0.2% of the total earth land mass.

Solar PV panels are some of the most versatile pieces of renewable energy equipment available, able to be deployed almost anywhere that gets direct sunlight, unlike other forms of renewable technology that require certain conditions to effectively produce energy.

Solar PV is even a viable option in this notoriously damp and dreary island winter. To find out how solar PV could be the next big step towards reducing your energy bill in a clean and safe way CLICK HERE 

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