Commercial Solar PV Case Study–Neogene Paints Hertfordshire

Neogene PaintsNeogene Paints have been supplying paints in the UK since 1934 originally in the heart of London, but have now relocated to Watford in Hertfordshire.   Neogene paints have a long standing commitment to producing more environmentally friendly paints. It was a easy choice for them to make to pursue a more sustainable way of energy in the future for their business.

Once they had discussed with Carmichael Browns the various options available to them following a feasibility study, Neogene in Hertfordshire decided to join the growing number of businesses investing in Commercial Solar PV.  Given the reduced available roof space and it is a flat roof Carmichael-Browns created a bespoke system to angle the modules, maximizing their exposure time when it mattered most.  Being a Sun Power approved supplier and installer, Carmichael-Browns were able to source hNeogene Paintsigher output panels to meet Neogene very specific commercial Solar requirements and maximize the return on investment and energy generations for the client.  The Solar modules installed were 35 x 327w in size each giving a total system size of 12kWp.  With the system fully commissioned, Neogene are looking forward to generating a portion of their own electricity and receiving the Governments Feed in Tariff payments for investing in renewable technology.  Seeing a combined return in their investment of over £2,400 in the first year alone, Neogene are looking forward to future years of clean sustainable energy production.

If you, like Neogene, are looking to join the ever growing number of companies who have joined the green revolution then please click here to book your no obligation feasibility study.