Commercial Solar Case Study – Merryhills School

Solar School Merryhills

Merryhills School Crest

Merryhills school is a community primary school located in the heart of Enfield’s green belt area, opened in 1940 the school has been a staple of the area and educated local children ever since. Being located in a greenbelt area the school has always been conscious of conservation and the environmental impact of the modern world.

Like other schools across the country Merryhills examined costs and where cuts could be made without sacrificing staff or the quality of education for students. After looking at these Merryhills decided to look towards reduction their mounting energy costs and take advantage of the governments feed in tariff.

After consulting with Carmichael Browns, Merryhills selected them to provide a solution for their requirements.

Carmichael Browns conducted detailed structural surveys to assess the capability of the roof. On finding it slightly weaker than thought we designed a bespoke mounting and ballast system to ensure the minimal amount of weight was required and spread evenly over the roof.

In order to prevent any disruption caused to the school hours or the pupils, installation was carried out during a half term week.

Carmichael Browns also worked closely with Merryhills to provide educational tools with their Solar PV to help the school use the installation as part of science lessons , as well as providing monitoring equipment to keep up to date performance information for the system to keep pupils and staff in touch with the systems performance.

Solar panels at Merryhills School

Solar panels at Merryhills School

Many schools are examining the benefits available to them through the governments feed in tariff scheme. Visit our site for information on how you too can benefit at the below link. We also now have fully funded systems allowing schools to enjoy some of the benefits of this fantastic technology with none of the up capital costs by working with our investment sponsors. Click here for more.