Biomass Technology & FAQ

What is Biomass?

Biomass is a renewable energy source that can be derived from materials such as garbage waste and wood.

How does it work?

Wood-fuelled heating systems, also called biomass systems, burn wood pellets, chips or logs to provide warmth in a single room or to power central heating and hot water boilers.

What are the Benefits?

Biomass renewable energyOf the technologies that qualify for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) a Biomass boiler is one of the simplest & most cost effective.

  • Affordable heating fuel: although the price of wood fuel varies considerably, it is often cheaper than other heating options.
  • A low-carbon option: the carbon dioxide emitted when wood is burned is the same amount that was absorbed over the months and years that the plant was growing. The process is sustainable as long as new plants continue to grow in place of those used for fuel. There are some carbon emissions caused by the cultivation, manufacture and transportation of the fuel, but as long as the fuel is sourced locally, these are much lower than the emissions from fossil fuels.
  • Financial support: wood fuel boiler systems benefit from the Renewable Heat Premium Payment and the Renewable Heat Incentive


A biomass boiler can either operate as a stand-alone unit or along side fossil-fuel fired boilers. It can run on either wood pellets or wood chips. A wood pellet boiler offers lower capital outlay, have a smaller footprint & fuel delivery is slightly easier offering a nationwide supply. Many boilers offer a retro-fit solution to ensure the minimum of fuss and achieve low carbon heat. Everything required is included in the module so that it can arrive on site, hook up to your existing heating distribution system. An “in-line hot tap” connection can be installed so that shutting down you existing heating system is not required.

Savings & Effects

  • A Biomass boiler can cut your fuel bills by as much as up to 50%.
  • It enables you to switch from gas/oil to environmentally sustainable wood pellets or chips.
  • It will help you to achieve social & corporate responsibility and green targets.
  • Biomass is sourced locally from within the UK, on an indefinite basis, ensuring security of supply.

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