Commercial Solar Case Study – CU Phosco

CU Phosco is the largest street lighting manufacturer in the UK. Their head office in Ware, Hertfordshire incorporates the administration teams, export department and test laboratory. It is also where the production takes place for their products, from design right through to assembly and packaging.

Looking towards the future CU Phosco looked at the benefits of commercial solar PV to both add a new commercial revenue stream but also isolate themselves from increasing energy costs.

The main financial driver for CU Phosco was to future-proof themselves from ever increasing electricity prices. By minimising their electricity bills they hoped to avoid dramatic increases in production costs which could adversely affect their product costs. With the Solar PV in place they can remain competitive for years to come.

Commercial Solar installs typically also involve an export meter, when a business it using less energy than their commercial solar system is generating, then the excess is exported and in addition to their generation tariff, CU Phosco will receive an export payment.

As a result of the PV system CU Phosco has joined the post-carbon economy as the factory produces more energy than it uses to manufacture luminaires.

Commercial Solar

Phosco Commercial Solar PV System

Commercial Solar installed at CU Phosco

Phosco Commercial Solar PV System Installed

Commercial Solar Inverters Installed at CU PHOSCO