Commercial Solar Case Study – Tudor Roof Tiles

Tudor Roof Tiles started in 1986 at Ashford in Kent. The company has achieved its declared aim of producing authentic, hand-made clay tiles of the highest quality, which are regarded by many users and specifiers as the best available.

Due to growing demand for its products, the company soon required more space and in 1992 moved to its present freehold site at Lydd on Romney Marsh. With more space came higher energy demands and costs.

To self-fund a PV system to meet their demands, Tudor Roof Tiles would have needed quite a significant outlay and although the ROI was there, this outlay was completely avoidable with a fully funded installation.

commercial solar tudor roof tiles

Partnered with established renewable energy funder Rooftop Power, Carmichael Browns put together a design to meet Tudor’s needs, maximising the space available, and Rooftop Power provided the funding for the project.

As a funder, there are many benefits in providing the means for a renewable project for businesses: regular and guaranteed income from the generated energy, coupled with contracted power purchase from the funded sites for the generated energy consumed.

A funded site benefits from a fully installed Solar PV system with zero outlay to their business, a contracted and guaranteed power purchase rate at a lower cost than commercial energy providers and independence from the grid whilst they are producing green energy.

Tudor Roof Tiles system consisted of 693 BenQ 260w modules, totalling 180kWp using Sungrow inverters and a Renusol Metasol mounting system to suit their metal trapezoidal roofs. The system was designed to be spread across 3 metered areas of the business, with the highest consumption to ensure the solar generation was put to most effective use for both the company and the funder.

Following the completion of the project, Carmichael Browns took care of all final paperwork to ensure that the system was fully accredited and approved by the DNO.

Tudor Roof Tiles are one of many companies across the UK who are now benefiting from Commercial Solar PV installation by Carmichael Browns and the regular government payments.

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