Commercial Solar Case Study – Crittall Windows

Crittall Windows are one of the longest established names in metal window frames. Founded in  the mid 1800’s, the company have provided windows across the world since then with products used in many notable buildings such as the Houses or Parliament.

With such a storied history Crittall Windows have moved production facilities several times. In 2007, Crittall Windows moved to their current location in Witham, Essex. Keeping production in the UK, the company looked toward where costs could be reduced without sacrificing the production values and quality that have gained them their reputation. Like many high energy users Crittall Windows sought to reduce electricity expenditure as one of their main overheads.

Crittall Windows consulted  with several companies as to how to reduce these costs. Local renewable energy installer Carmichael Browns were chosen to design a Commercial Solar Photovoltaic system for their Witham factory.

Reverse tilt commercial solar

Reverse tilted panels at Crittall

Several Commercial Solar PV systems were designed based on the energy requirements and space available on the factory roof.

Given the large energy requirements of Crittall Windows a 250kWp system was selected to maximise the energy savings on site and gain the most from the Feed In Tariff Scheme that is available to both domestic and commercial solar installations.

Due to a large number of skylights in the roof of the building and shading caused by a high parapet, the amount of usable south facing roof was reduced. Carmichael Browns  solar designer researched into the potentials of a reverse tilt mounting system for the north facing roof aspects.  A bespoke mounting system was commissioned to fit the roof profile and create a south facing aspect for the panels.

In total 1000 X 250 W panels were installed and commissioned to supply a significant proportion of Crittall Windows’ energy requirements. Not only are the company now seeing reduced energy bills thanks to their commercial solar installation, but they are also benefiting from a regular payment for generation of green energy through the government’s Feed In Tariff.

Commercial Solar in full swing at Crittall

Commercial Solar in full swing at Crittall

Crittall Windows are one of many companies across the UK who are now benefiting from Commercial Solar PV installation. To find out how we can help your business, CONTACT US today. We also now offer a fully funded solution, details of which can be found HERE