Commercial Solar Case Study – Care Co UK

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Care Co Uk Limited are a local business based in Essex. Working to provide mobility products to their customers since early 2000, they have built a solid reputation for customer service and finding the best products for their clients. As a company that stresses efficiency in their product lines and customer assistance Care Co began to look at reducing their carbon footprint as a business. Upon deciding to increase their energy efficiency Care Co looked to their substantial warehouse roof space and became keen to maximise the potential of it as a space for commercial Solar PV.

Following careful consideration Care Co selected Carmichael Browns to help reduce their reliance on the national grid for energy. Following further consultation Care Co decided that the best return for them as a business would be the 29.4kWp system designed by Carmichael Browns. Taking into account Care Co’s energy requirements Carmichael Browns selected  245W REC Solar Modules paired with a Power One Grid Tied Inverter. In total 120 panels were installed on the roof of Care Co’s warehouse in Essex.

The installation took place in august 2013 and a bespoke mounting arrangement was designed and installed on the flat roof using a K2 speed rail format, this was selected due to its suitability for the roof arrangement and light weight placing the minimal amount of stress on the roof.

One of the most important steps to the majority of large scale commercial solar installations, is a g59 application to the grid(DNO) to allow the completed installation to be connected to the main infrastructure generator. Carmichael Browns deal with all aspects of this application to ensure a swift and effective solution be reached with the DNO. We obtained consent from Care Co to pursue this and subsequently were granted the application to connect their supply. It is the connection to the Grid that allows Care Co, and anyone else looking to pursue Solar PV, to secure the Feed In Tariff, which will considerably speed up their return on investment.

Following their installation Care Co have seen a marked reduction in their energy bills and are currently enjoying regular payments through the governments FIT Scheme. With an estimated yearly energy saving starting at £1,900 and a predicted return of over £5,500 in the first year alone, Care Co are pleased to be a part of the UK’s green revolution.

Care co. have taken the steps to improve their companies green credentials and make a significant reduction in their energy bills enabling them to keep offering their services to elderly and disabled clients at their established lower costs.