Solar PV Panels

 Solar PV panels Solar Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run the appliances in your home or business. They only need daylight and still generate electricity on cloudy days.

Solar panels come in 2 distinct versions: Solar Photovoltaic panels for making electricity and Solar Thermal panels for making hot water.

Carmichael Browns Renewable Energy specialise in both and offer a wide range of different product options. Our products are all from the world’s most trusted manufacturers, meaning you are guaranteed a high quality system.

As an entirely independent solar energy company, we offer a wide choice of Photovoltaic and Thermal Panels with short lead times and at very competitive prices.

We have a huge selection of Solar Panels from top manufacturers, including Sunpower, REC, ReneSola, Panasonic/Sanyo, Yingli, Mitsubishi, LG, Suntech, Trina, SolarWorld and Sharp, to name just a few.

This means we will always be able to design the best system for your property and budget. We also stock an extensive range of inverters from manufactueres such as SMA/Sunny Boy, Fronius, Power 1 Aurora, Kaco, Mastervolt and Platinum, meaning we can select the best collaborating equipment for your system.

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Solar panels are normally installed above the existing roof, on a metal framing system. A basic survey by an installer will determine the best method of installation for your particular circumstances, although solar panels can generate the most energy if they are angled to the south at 30 to 40 degrees from the horizontal plane.

Solar panels can also be installed on flat roofs, or on free standing structures and should be positioned where they will not be shaded at any time of the day, in order to generate the most electricity. The more southerly the location of the panels, the more energy they will generate.

Solar panels are rated in terms of ‘watt peak’ (WP) or ‘kilowatt peak’ (kWp) and by their nature now work on daylight as opposed to just sunlight. This has made solar power an even more attractive option now in countries where you wouldn’t expect them to be viable, such as the UK.

Solar panels contain a series of solar cells which are wired together to form the panels, producing DC (Direct Current) electricity. To convert the power for use, it’s usually converted to AC (Alternating Current) by an inverter, which is an integral part of most grid-based solar panel systems. From there, the energy produced can be used on site, greatly reducing your energy costs.

Solar PV battery systems are also finally becoming viable with reductions in the battery costs meaning you can store the excess energy to be consumed during off-peak periods and even at night. This is an exciting development in the sector and will only improve the technology as battery research continues.

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