Solar Panel Installation Case Studies

Commercial Solar Case Study – Pitacs

Pitacs have been one of the UK’s leading suppliers of radiators and other heating equipment since the early 90’s. Keen to continue with their leading edge they began to look at reducing overheads in order to continue proving the best possible products to the market while keeping prices as competitive as they could.

One of their main areas where they were looking to reduce costs was energy expenditure. When they were informed about the various benefits of government green initiatives that were available through the Feed In Tariff Scheme, Pitacs were naturally interested and asked Carmichael Browns to help them look into their buildings potential. Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Mr Fothergill’s

Mr Fothergill’s are a household name, or should we say a garden shed name. As one of the UK largest supplier and stockist of seeds Mr Fothergill’s supply to both trade and public clients, with stockists in garden centres, commercial plant nurseries across the county Mr Fothergills have also started selling direct via their website and further afield to international companies.

Trading since the 1970’s Mr Fothergills have expanded and grown steadily over the past decades and decided to look at the best ways to sustainably continue that development. A look at keeping overheads in check examined the fact that one cost in the running of the business had increased at a far higher rate than that of any other, electricity. The rising cost of power has become more apparent to everyone in recent years and Mr Fothergills have taken a huge step into self sufficiency through Solar PV. Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – GPS PE Pipe

Founded at the turn of the 20th century as a supplier of cast steel tubes GPS can bear witness to the dramatic changes in the UK and Across the globe. Within their company they have strived to adapt and bring the best possible service and products to their clientele whilst driving forward with new technology and new innovations. Having pioneered the use of PE(polyethylene) pipes in the UK, GPS are no strangers to looking for the newest and best solutions in all avenues. When GPS first looked into renewable energy they knew that Solar PV would be their best option, with a large roof space they could begin to produce a quantity of their required energy on site at no cost. Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Camlab Ltd Fully Funded Installation

Carmichael Brown’s Fully Funded Solar Panel Installation

Camlab are a globally known and respected supplier of water testing and laboratory equipment. Working to bring the highest quality equipment and service to their clients since the 1960s Camlab pride themselves on being unrivaled in their sector.Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Care Co UK

Care Co UK Limited are a local business based in Essex. Working to provide mobility products to their customers since early 200, they have built a solid reputation for customer service and finding the best products for their clients. As a company that stresses efficiency in their product lines and customer assistance Care Co began to look at reducing their carbon footprint as a business. Upon deciding to increase their energy efficiency Care Co looked to their substantial warehouse roof space and became keen to maximise the potential of it as a space for Solar PV.Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Bradshaw Electric Vehicles

Bradshaw Electric Vehicles are Britain’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and have been supplying the UK and world market since 1975. Working across a multitude of sectors Bradshaw were looking to reduce their overall carbon footprint and invest in insulating themselves from rising energy costs. They looked into Renewable Technology and began discussion with Carmichael Browns and decided to pursue Commercial Solar PV and the Feed in Tariff Scheme.Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Neogene Paints Hertfordshire

Neogene Paints have been supplying paints in the UK since 1934 originally in the heart of London, now relocated to Watford, Hertfordshire Neogene have a long standing commitment to producing more environmentally friendly paints, It was a easy choice for them to make to pursue a more sustainable way of energy in the future.Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Dews Coaches

Dews coaches have been providing transport services across the country for over 60 years establishing themselves as one of the premier coach companies for both domestic and international travel to UK residents. With a long history behind them Dews naturally looked to the future and began to think of sustaining their business over the next 60 years. One concern they faced, like the rest of the UK was what appeared to ever growing energy bills. The benefits of the Feed in Tariff scheme for Solar PV immediately became apparent to Dews, not only could they insulate themselves against mounting energy prices by producing their own power, they could be paid for doing so too.Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – DH Industries LTD

DH Industries LTD, a long-standing engineering business since 1961, invested in the local environment and their company’s future by installing a large scale 180 kWp Commercial Solar PV system. 720 x 250W modules were installed in order to create a total capacity of 180 kWp. This will create over 70% of the company’s required annual electricity usage, an annual CO2 saving of 69,023 kg/year. Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – CU Phosco

CU Phosco is the largest street lighting manufacturer in the UK. Their head office in Ware, Hertfordshire incorporates the administration teams, export department and test laboratory. It is also where the production takes place for their products, from design right through to assembly and packaging. Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Holywell Press

Holywell Press is another 50 kWp system installed by Carmichael Browns at the company HQ in Oxford. The site on Ferry Hinksey Road is a production warehouse for printing and also houses their administration department. The array was spread out over several aspects to achieve maximum power generation. Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Polish Social & Cultural Centre

A popular Polish cultural centre in central London now boasts a Solar PV array of 96 Suntech 250w mono crystalline Solar panels. This 24kWp installation was installed on a flat split-level roof, five storeys high. The installation we designed for POSK features 2 x SMA 10,000 Tripower inverters. Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Berkshire MS Therapy Centre

Inspired by the Feed-in Tariff and keen to offset the rising costs of fossil fuels, Berkshire MS Therapy Centre requested Carmichael Browns design and install a suitably sized Solar PV system that would be best suited to their needs and offer a good return on their investment. Read More

Commercial Solar Case Study – Fern Lodge Care Home

Braintree Health Centre is a registered care home that provides personal care and support for people with learning disabilities.(Fern Lodge) is a purpose built facility situated in pleasant secluded surroundings in a semi rural location just outside of Braintree. Read More