Founded at the turn of the 20th century as a supplier of cast steel tubes GPS can bear witness to the dramatic changes in the UK and Across the globe. Within their company they have strived to adapt and bring the best possible service and products to their clientele whilst driving forward with new technology and new innovations. Having pioneered the use of PE(polyethylene) pipes in the UK, GPS are no strangers to looking for the newest and best solutions in all avenues. When GPS first looked into renewable energy they knew that Solar PV would be their best option, with a large roof space they could begin to produce a quantity of their required energy on site at no cost.

Once GPS began to confer with Carmichael Browns, a bespoke system was designed that took into account their budget, energy requirements and available space. Carmichael Browns carefully selected the best suited panels and inverters that would give GPS an optimal system.

As an approved Sunpower partner Carmichael Browns sourced their High efficiency Modules at 327W per panel. A total of 458 modules were installed to reach a kWp of over 145 kW.

With savings estimated at over £8000 in the first year alone by producing a great deal of their own energy on site GPS can only expect to see that saving rise year on year as energy bills increase. In addition to this fantastic saving GPS are also eligible for regular payments under the Government’s Feed In Tariff Scheme. In the first year of the 2 decades of guaranteed payments, GPS can expect to see payments in excess of £15,000.

GPS are looking proudly to the future as they reduce their energy costs and start making their own clean energy on site click here to find out how we can help you.