Commercial Solar Case Study – Holywell Press Commercial

Holywell solar

Holywell Press are a long established firm of designers and printers based in Oxford. Originally established in the late 1800’s the company has a long history of providing high level printed material to Oxford University and surrounding publishers. With such a history behind it Holywell Press began to look to the future  and to sustain the growth of the past 100 years and continue it.

Like most businesses looking to increase sustainability Holywell Press looked into one of the most dramatically changing cost of the past few decades, energy. Deciding that to best ensure their future, they would need to look at surging up their energy costs, Holywell Press looked into making their own electricity on site where they knew that there would be no sudden price hikes or shortages. After sitting down and discussing their option with Carmichael Browns, Holywell decided to pursue Solar PV panels and the benefits of the governments Feed In Tariff Scheme.

Carmichael Browns worked closely with Holywell to design a bespoke PV system that would be spread across the several aspects available on their site, thus making Holywell bales to achieve the highest amount of power generation possible. Over 200 Panels were mounted strategically to harness the most light radiation for Holywell Press.

Holywell Press are proudly looking to the next hundred years of business now that they are ensured a large portion of their electricity will be made on site for free. By taking the step with Solar PV Holywell have dramatically reduced their production costs and are also benefiting from regular payments through the governments Feed In Tariff scheme. With their savings and incoming payments their current returns are outperforming the other investment alternatives offered to them, this is providing Holywell with a vital edge which helps to secure the company’s future and that of their staff for coming decades.

In the first year Holywell are predicted a saving on energy bills of over £3,000, coupled with their incoming payments from the Feed In Tariff Holywell’s first year returns are set to be in excess of £9,000. These payments are linked to inflation and Holywell will only see a growth as years pass.