RH Merrick- Agricultural commercial solar PV

With the current financial climate several industries have begun examining costs in detail to see where changes can be made. One industry that has been making changes for years and adapting to new pressures is the farming industry.

RH Merrick are one such farm taking steps to modernise in a changing climate.RH Merrick looked towards the potentials of a Commercial Solar PV , and spoke with Carmichael Browns to see how Solar could help them.

As an arable farm one of the largest costs present to them was the electricity required to store and dry crops after harvest.

Seeking to reduce their outgoing energy bills and send some power back to the grid when, possible the owners consulted with Carmichael Browns and decided upon 2  X 50kWp systems mounted onto their grain storage buildings on 2 separate farm sites

Carmichael Browns designed a bespoke system to meet the requirements of each farm location including a specially prepared mounting system to ensure minimal disruption to the delicate roofs of these buildings. After liaising  RH Merrick to ensure  all concerns were met, Carmichael Browns installed 200 X 250W panels on each of the buildings to create 2 x 50kWp  Commercial Solar PV systems, which will  provide clean renewable and free energy all year round, helping the farm cut costs and even generate additional income from the government’s Feed In Tariff scheme

Factories and Farms across the UK are now seeing the benefits of Solar PV. To see how your business could benefit from investing in Solar energy, CONTACT US today.