Commercial Solar Case Study – Dews Coaches

These panels will provide Dews Coaches with an additional income stream form the feed in tariff

These panels will provide Dews Coaches with an additional income stream from the feed in tariff

Dews coaches have been providing transport services across the country for over 60 years establishing themselves as one of the premier coach companies for both domestic and international travel to UK residents.  With a long history behind them Dews naturally looked to the future and began to think of sustaining their business over the next 60 years.  One concern they faced, like the rest of the UK was what to do about the ever growing energy bills.  The benefits of the Feed in Tariff scheme for Solar PV immediately became apparent to Dews, not only could they insulate themselves against mounting energy prices by producing their own power, they could be paid for doing so too.

Following discussions with Carmichael Browns, Dews Coaches settled on a 30kWp system that would provide a constant source of clean renewable energy over the coming years. Carmichael Browns designed then installed the system and commissioned a PV system of 123X 240W panels capable of ensuring significant reductions in the energy cost for their client. Dews Coaches were very keen to start their way to offsetting their carbon production and were naturally delighted when the system was commission and clean sustainable energy began to power their site.  In addition to this reduction in their environmental impact Dews also began receiving regular quarterly payments from the Government’s Feed In Tariff scheme, a scheme set out to reward energy conscious companies who invest in producing their own sustainable energy.  The payments from this scheme in the first year alone were over £3,000 with a guarantee of further payments for the next two decades. The first years reduction in energy cost coupled with the FIT payments total for a total first year benefit of over £6,000.  The install at Dews Coaches also saw a predicted benefit totaling over £250,000 over the course of 25 years.

Dews Coaches are just one amongst the growing number of businesses that Carmichael Browns have helped to take the step towards reduced energy costs and self sufficiency. To find out how we could help you, click HERE to arrange a no-obligation site meeting.