Siemens announce planned UK renewable energy plant

Last Month Engineering and Technology giant Siemens announced their plans for large scale wind turbine production and installation facilities in the north of the UK. The 2 sites are the Green port Hull project which has been announced previously, and will cover service construction and assembly and the newly revealed plan for a new rotor blade manufacturing facility in Paull, East Riding.

Across 2 facilities Siemens will invest £160m and its port partner Associated British Ports(ABP) will be investing a further 150m into the Green Port Hull development. The announced investment will provide a huge boost to the UK’s offshore wind power production industry and the Humber region in which the proposed sites are to be located. The combined investment is set to create in the region of 1000 jobs in the area directly, plus additional jobs during construction and in the supply chain.


The plans for the Green Port Hull project have been in the making for close to 4 years and is the result of the cooperation between national land local political, community and business parties alongside many people with Siemens in the UK Germany and Denmark and of course the ABP


The planned investments are a huge boon for the UK offshore wind industry. It is set to become the first manufacturing plant of its kind for the newest range in Siemens’ wind blade technology and 6MW wind turbines. These new turbines are leading edge technology- each rotor blade measures 75 metres and when the turbine rotates it covered an area the size of 2 and a half football pitches.


Prime Minister David Cameron said:
“This is a massive vote of confidence in our long-term economic plan. This investment is going to create lots of new jobs and opportunities, meaning more financial security and peace of mind for families and a more resilient economy for our country.”


This announcement marks the latest step forward in the UK’s renewable energy markets the creation of jobs based within the industry not only boots local economy but also serves a ringing endorsement of both Siemens and the ABP’s commitment to renewable within the UK.


As the industry’s big players all turn towards new renewable technology and make strides towards future developments in wind hydro and solar power, we can see the changes around us. These days we think little of seeing a wind turbine or seeing houses with solar paneling on the roof. This view will become more common as the price of renewable technology drops.


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