First projects approved under energy reforms

Hot on the heels of the UKs freshly launched (and pioneering for Europe) Solar Strategy, the UK government granted approval for 8 renewable energy projects in the UK for 2014. These are the first set of projects to be awarded under the government’s energy market reforms.

Renewable energy from wind farms

Renewable energy from wind farms could be a huge potential for the UK energy market

The projects are expected to provide over 8,500 jobs across the UK and range from offshore wind farms to the conversion projects on existing coal powered plants to be run on Biomass, making a huge step forward in the sustainability and longevity of such energy  plants.

Energy Secretary, Ed Davey , stated that these projects would provide power for up to 3 million homes across the UK. In addition to this they should also secure approximately £12 billion in private investment. These 8 projects will all receive one of the governments new Contracts for Difference, which will in essence, give a guarantee of prices to renewable energy suppliers.

Mr Davey said that the first 8 projects to be granted approval had been carefully selected and that there was a substantial list of applications for approval under the new schemes.

These investments from the private sector in conjunction with governments backing and contracts mark a new rise in renewable technology for the UK. These 8 projects will add approximately 5% to the UKs clean energy supply. Mr Davey also stated that by the end of 2020, he predicts that 30% of the UK’s energy supply will be coming from renewable sources.

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