When will Solar PV in the UK become subsidy free?

When will solar power in the UK overtake its current subsides?

Solar PV in the UK

Solar PV in the UK is fast outgrowing subsidies

It’s widely acknowledged that Solar PV  in the UK has taken off, in fact in the past year solar PV installs across

the country have doubled.

The subsidies were put in place to improve investments into Solar PV and in turn further research in order for power generated from Solar PV to reach grid parity.

It’s a fact that the goal is for Solar PV in the UK to become subsidy free, the main question is when?

Much has been made of the regular reductions in payments for new applicant to the Feed In Tariff, the rates available are typically reviewed every quarter and dropped for new installs appropriately. One of the main points this makes is that the costs involved in installing Solar PV are dropping, making the previous rates offered above a feasible return on investment. The EU has state guidelines in place to ensure that governments cannot “overcompensate” certain technologies to increase uptake.

As costs and related subsidiaries drop, Solar PV in the UK edges closer to grid parity and its future of being subsidy free. Power sources that have a history of being considered dirty or dangerous still receive a regular subsidy in the UK such as fossil fuel or nuclear power but the rapidly improving technology of Solar PV is outgrowing the need for subsidies.

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