UK shows support for renewable energy market

renewable energy support continues to grow

members of the UK public are firmly behind renewable energy

The UK public has continued to show support for renewable energy in a series of surveys conducted across the UK. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change 80% of those who responded to the survey stated that they were in support of electricity, heat and fuel to come from renewable sources. In addition to this nearly 2 thirds of UK inhabitants said they would be happy to see a large scale renewable energy development in their area.

The purpose of this questionnaire was to ascertain what the major challenges to the UK are in today’s climate including inflation, energy supply and taxation among others. Among the topics of importance those relating to energy have jumped several places to the forefront of concerns among UK residents. 85% of those surveyed stated that they had considerable concern for future increases in energy costs. However, this is could be down to the increased profile of energy bills in the recent months as many political parties have been using them as an emotional point with voters.

Over two thirds of those surveyed stated that they were concerned with climate change. This collected data shows the increased support for both Solar PV and other forms of renewables across the UK as energy prices from conventional sources continue to increase in cost. With controversial methods such as fracking being resorted to by energy suppliers to acquire gas and other fossil fuels, the public and the government can only to clearly see the costs of not pursuing renewable energy sources. Fracking has been controversial for several years; firstly due to its increased risks with potential contamination of water supplies and damage to existing habitats, there are also concerns that such practices can destabilise land in surrounding areas leading to subsidence of property, finally it is only coming to the forefront now as previously the methods were considered too expensive to pursue where other options to access oil and fossil fuels were viable.
The data from this survey was collected in March 2014, via face to face interviews with over 2000 uk residences. The DECC has plans to use the data procured to help plan future energy strategies and monitor the strength of public opinion.
This survey shows the increased relevance of energy costs and the benefits of renewable technology in the UK, as we move forward we can expect to see these numbers increase as more UK residents see the value of renewable technology.

The news of this surveys results come in the same week that the government announces that there will be no changes to the support structure for large scale Solar Farms until 2015/2016. The DECC even stated that those who had made “significant financial commitments” would be permitted a grace period. This comes as a relief to the industry as it had been feared there would be a repeat of previous drastic cuts as seen in 2011. Particular concerns surrounded changes to the ROC benefits, but as stated no changes will occur until 2015/16 with a given grace period.

Renewable energy is the answer to meet future energy demands with dwindling reserves of fossil fuels. Contact us today to see how renewable technology could help your business or home.


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