Solar PV in the UK provides up to 15% of power

The recent sunny weather and the surge of Solar PV installations in the first half of the year mean that as much as 15% of the UKs energy has been coming from Solar PV.

As solar PV in the UK continues to increase, more and more of our power come from these renewable sources each time we experience a spell of good weather. The first half of the year has seen a dramatic increase in the installation of Solar PV in the UK, partly in reaction to meet deadlines brought in by proposed cuts to subsidies which came into effect in April this year. There are now nearly three quarters of a million small scale installations across the UK, enough to provide power to power over 650,000 households. According to statistics from the industry, the UK is currently installing Solar PV at a higher rate than any other European country.

Solar PV in the UK is becoming commonplace, supermarket chain Waitrose recently announced that it has installed enough Solar PV on the roof of one of its dairy farms to power all lighting and milking equipment.

With more technological breakthroughs each year, the price of setting up solar installations is falling year upon year.

As  more homes and businesses in the UK install Solar PV and reap the rewards of the feed in tariff, can your business benefit from free on site power production? To find out more about the growth of Solar PV in the UK and see how it could help you, Contact us today




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