National Grid warns of winter power shortage

power cuts

Rolling power cuts could be seen in the future as we struggle to meet energy demands

This week the National Grid issues warnings to UK residents that over the coming winter its capacity to deliver power to UK homes and businesses will be at a 7 year low as a large number of generation plants have been closed or are foretasted breakdowns.

The grid has released figures detailing that spare electricity capacity last year ran at an average of just 4%, in 2011 that margin was 17%. Since 2012, however, 15 power plants across the UK have been fully or partially closed, leaving a shortfall in the UK’s energy generation capacity.

Predictions estimate this years backup capacity to have dropped to 3% equal to its reserve in the winter of 2006-7. to combat the potential power shortfall which may result in sudden loss of  electricity to the UK, the grid has announced they will be making offers to larger higher energy consumers to power down on certain evenings in order to generate some more slack in the energy consumption of the country.

One of the ways to combat demands for power reaching over capacity is the implementation of smart appliances or plug optimisers which turn appliances on and off relative to energy demands. Products like these have seen an uptake in recent years in partnership with domestic and commercial renewable installations as the variable power levels generated by such installations can be paired with appliances suitable to stop-start operation.

One way homeowners and businesses are taking step to insure against is investing into solar power, producing clean, free energy on site. CONTACT US today to see what solar power could do to help you safeguard against changes in electricity costs and availability over the coming years



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