Ikea to continue solar sales

Swedish Flat-pack giant Ikea started a partnership with Chinese thin-film solar manufacturer Hanergy to bring easy Solar PV to domestic properties across the UK. Following an initial trial period the scheme was rolled out to all 18 of the Nordic superstores UK locations and saw huge uptake.

Recently Ikea announced that they would be expanding their sales of solar PV across Europe. In October the giant will begin its roll out scheme in the Netherlands, where other forms of renewable energy haven’t gained much ground previously but due to its topography options are limited to solar and and wind power. December will see the scheme move to Switzerland, a country with a similar pledge to that of the UK, to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used by 2020.

In addition to this scheme Ikea have been making the best use of their existing footprint. As most Ikea stores take the shape of behemothic warehouses constructed with flat roofs, they’re ideally suited to easy straight forward installation of large scale commercial solar PV. Commercial PV takes the same benefits of a domestic solar system and scales them accordingly. For example by using Commercial PV Ikea can see huge reductions in their energy bills much like a residential property would. By moving up to Commercial scale PV system a business like Ikea, with various logistics or production costs and more importantly emissions, can offset and see a dramatic drop in their carbon footprint, making them a greener business. Ikea have installed over 500,000 panels across their UK stores and have pledged by 2020 that they will produce equal amounts of clean renewable energy to the amount their stores use.

By expanding their solar portfolio to both retail customers and in house Ikea have continued to show support for Solar PV.

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