Helping you go Greener

going green saves moneyHow do you go to green energy ? Where to start?

Well, there are many simple steps you and your household can make to help make the world a greener place.  Here are some ideas you can try today;

  • Start washing at a cooler temperature, we don’t mean cold showers here, turn your washing machine down and then dry those clothes out in the fresh air. Most clothes can easily be washed at a lower temperature and sunshine can help to break down stubborn stains to help them fade away and give older clothes a new life.
  • Why not start to reuse and recycle, we’re always being told that we should reuse things, make do and mend, recycle and swap things with our neighbours, but it is absolutely true. So many perfectly serviceable items are thrown away each year just because they’ve gone out of favour or clothes discarded thanks to a small tear. There are plenty of charity shops around ready and willing to accept your donations. Food packaging such as plastic and glass can be recycled into many useful items , check with your council about recycling pickups in your area
  • See the Bright side with LED light fixtures. Those new bulbs can be pricey in the first instance but not only will you see savings in your energy bill, you’ll also notice they typically last much longer than a conventional bulb. Switching to LED lighting can drop up to 90% in your lighting costs and drastically increase your available budget.

Switching to a renewable energy source can be a larger task but is by far the best way to make a splash into the green pool. Solar Panels are widely considered to be the best renewable technology solution for both homes and businesses. Solar PV can generate you free clean energy with no additional space needed , just a roof and can help protect you from that dreaded rising in energy bills we can all see.

But Solar energy is not just for households, it’s equally as important for businesses to go green and adopt commercial Solar solutions. It not only helps cut down on your overheads, but can actually make you money. To find out more about commercial solar, please click here

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