Limit your export- not your solar potential

With the rapid growth of Solar PV installations in the UK, grid capacity in some areas is coming under scrutiny. Some of the out-dated and older electricity networks are beginning to struggle with the power flow back to the grid from the UK’s many Solar PV plants. District Network Operators (DNOs) are now imposing export limitations on new Solar PV installations, which prevent potential generators from connecting the size of system they want up to the electricity network.

export limitation

An Export Limitation Relay

However if your planning a project and get an export limitation imposed by the grid, Carmichael Browns specialise in helping you gain the maximum returns from your available roof space, enabling you to still install the full capacity your roof is capable of, without exceeding the DNO limitation.

We do this by fitting an export limitation device which allows for a maximum system size to still be installed with a protection switch protecting the grid from excess power travelling back over the imposed limit. The DNO’s are only concerned about the power travelling back to them so if you have a large on site demand, this is unlikely to ever happen any way (the grid will always insist on being protected no matter of your power demand level). This device works by monitoring the power generated and volume  being exported, the limitation device can be set to ensure the installation complies with the DNOs regulation and you STILL get all of your Feed In Tariff revenues and energy savings!

For example if a DNO has put a limitation of 50 kWp export on an installation but there is enough roof space and requirement for a 100 kWp installation. Previously this would mean that the business would only be able to install and commission a 50kWp system regardless of their own demand and how much power would in reality go back to the grid. With an export limitation device fitted a set amount is allowed back to the grid, if this power excess going back to the grid exceeds the limitation, the inverters are sequentially temporarily powered down to limit that energy production. Once that power has decreased the inverters that have been shut down will reenergise.

The benefit of export limitation means that a business owner can maximise roof space and therefore get the most energy savings, carbon reduction and FIT generation payments from their system as possible.

To see how you can maximise your buildings potential with Solar PV, even if your DNO has export regulations in place, contact Carmichael Browns today!

We can also assist in establishing what if any grid limitations are in place for your site by completing a G59 application to the grid for no obligation. Contact our design team today to learn more.

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