20% Increase in Renewable generated electricity

Renewable Energy Generation increases by 20%

The amount of electricity generated from renewable energy sources has increased by 20% a new study shows. Compared to a total generated figure of 53,667GWh in 2013 in 2014 the amount of power generated from renewable sources totaled 64,404Gwh.

Sources state that a large part of this dramatic increase in a year is primarily due to the marked increase in the installations of Solar PV in the UK. The decrease of equipment costs and improved efficiency of larger scale installations created a significant rise in the number of Solar PV plants.

The rise in Renewable energy production and installations is also linked to a number of new jobs created within the renewable energy sector, growing by nearly 10% since 2013.

This is the latest in a growing lost of figures that reflect the growth and support of Solar PV and renewable energy in the UK. As renewable energy gains more momentum in the UK and technologies become more efficient and cheaper to install the percentage of power that is generated from renewable sources in the UK.

The UK can no longer rely on dwindling fossil fuel reserves as a source of energy, fuels from abroad come at a high price and contain the risks of uncertainty into the future. Power produced on or off  UK shores must be long term and sustainable, sources like the ever controversial Nuclear power stations come with a life expectancy and huge cost. Renewable technologies such as Solar PV, Wind and Tidal hydro electricity are long term sustainable choices, all of which have been deployed in the UK to great effect.

Whilst most homeowners and businesses cannot install a wind turbine or take advantage of tides, Solar PV is available to  the vast majority of the UK. To find out how your business or home can benefit from Solar PV and be paid under the Feed In Tariff Contact Us today!

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