World’s first renewable energy lagoon

This week the World’s first man-made lagoon for producing renewable energy was announced as planned in the UK.

The world's first renewable energy lagoon, planned for UK shores

The world’s first renewable energy lagoon, planned for UK shores

The world’s first series of man made tidal lagoons, built for the purposes of harnessing energy from hydro power, are revealed to be planned for construction in the UK. The 6 planned plants 4 in Wales and 1 each in Somerset and Cumbria, will utilise the weight of incoming and outgoing tides against new sea walls to power turbines to generate hydro electricity.

One of these planned lagoon project will not only create up to 100 local jobs but also, when operational, generate enough power to provide renewable energy to over 150,000 homes. Investment is to come from government funds committed to developing sustainable power from UK sources.

Much like with Solar PV and other forms of renewable energy across the UK as more of these lagoons are constructed the set up costs will diminish making them more efficient. As in island nation the choices behind using coastal areas to generate renewable energy are simple, we have a large portion of coastal area all of which is subject to tides, in addition to this the sea walls can add an element of protection to some areas of the cost that have previously been eroded.

More sources of renewable energy are being pursued every day across Britain, from Commercial Solar PV to hydro electric lagoons. Its not just large scale projects that make a difference, you too can do your part in boosting the UK’s renewable energy development. Your home or business could benefit from Solar PV and not only isolate yourself from growing costs of conventional energy but also see financial returns from the government’s feed in tariff scheme.

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