Types of Renewable Energy

types of renewable energyThe whole world has to look to renewable energy sources for the future of their power supplies – fossils fuels have been depleted at an alarming rate over the last few decades, they are quickly disappearing from the face of the earth and they cannot be renewed but not to worry, there are an abundance of renewable energy sources available – renewable sources which will not run out.

The primary sources of renewable energy are;

Wind power – wind turbines can be used to generate electricity by harnessing the raw power of the wind, it won’t make the wind blow any less or any less frequently, the wind keeps on blowing no matter how much of the energy is utilized or effectively wasted.  Wind power is green, clean and renewable.

Solar power – this type of renewable energy power has been harnessed for centuries and why not? The power of the sun is green, clean, free and renewable. Just like the wind, it doesn’t matter how much of that free energy we utilize it will never run out.

Biomass – this type of renewable energy is from organic materials like animals and plants although the sun is at the root of the energy production. Biomass energy can be utilized from crops, manure, wood and even some types of rubbish helping to reduce the harmful impact that landfill sites have on the environment.

Hydro Power – simply means renewable energy from water. This can be something as simple as water running through turbines at a dam – this is another renewable source of energy because the “used” water can be simply returned in a cycle for continuous use.

Geothermal Energy – is perhaps the most natural of all energy sources, utilizing the heat which is given off from the Earth. This power is regularly replenished ensuring that it is another form of renewable energy. Think about the steam which is naturally produced in some parts of the world.

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