Solar proves cheaper than conventional power

Recent studies are showing that the total cost of some conventional energy sources are far outweighing the direct cost of cleaner renewable energy sources such as solar.


The study, conducted and released by the European Commission, not only confirms the widely acknowledged fact that solar energy proves cost effective but also brought to public attention that the total direct cost implicated in conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels is significantly higher than that of renewable energy sources like wind or solar. The Support structure for solar across Europe is rapidly descending and coming into line with the huge reductions in cost we have seen over the past decade, other forms of energy like coal and nuclear power are still locked into heavily funded subsidies that they were the base rate 40 years ago.

The bottom line is that Solar has continued to prove itself despite cuts to subsides across Europe, if anything these cuts go as far as to prove how much momentum Solar has gained. As more and more solar installations, both domestic and commercial, are deployed the cost drops and more research makes panels more efficient. The subsidies per kilowatt must drop to reflect the increased production from investment.

Solar Energy has steadily become one of the best energy sources even when rivaled against conventional power and when it comes to renewable technologies it is arguably the top of the pile for the future. Due to the lessened infrastructure required ti set up solar and the variable plant size, from a small domestic system to large commercial sized arrays, Solar’s flexibility make it suitable for almost everyone.


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