Solar Power in the UK Doubles in a year

This week the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have released figures on the state of Solar Power in the UK. these figures show that  the amount of energy generated by solar power in the UK has doubled over the last 12 months with close to 5 GW installed by the end of 2014,up from a 2.8GW in 2013, that’s enough solar panels to provide electricity to 1.5 million homes.

The DECC regular published figures on solar power in the UK. The latest months figures reflect the growth

Solar Power in the UK

One of many installations taking place in 2014

that the UK solar industry has experienced,coupled with  a steady drop in the costs of solar  as more research and investment leads to more efficient, cheaper panels. A large proportion of this growth is down to the huge uptake of commercial scale solar power in the UK which has come on leaps and bound over the past 3 years.

No one can deny the fact that Solar power in the UK is proving extremely popular with installations across the country on homes, warehouses, offices and factories. Installations in the UK number over 650,000 and growing everyday.

These latest DECC statistics prove that solar power in the UK is a viable energy option moving forwards as the cost continues to drop with further research as the costs of fossil fuels climb as they become ever more scare and companies are forced to turn to the dangerous and controversial practice of fracking.

The Governments Feed In Tariff is still providing a boon to Solar Power in the UK as investment grows until it reached a level playing field with fossil fuels. With current support Solar Power is a competitive option with current energy sources, but with more research investments and costs consistently lowering, solar could be a standalone energy source in its own right.

Many business across the UK are benefiting from the Feed in Tariff for Commercial Solar, such as Crittall Windows in Essex who are reaping the rewards from their 250kWp system installed in late 2014. Through their installation they are producing a portion of their own energy on site, no only lowering their carbon footprint but benefiting from a regular income for generation of green electricity.

To see the benefits of solar PV could bring to your home or business Contact Us and join the UK’s Solar revolution.


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