Solar Impulse continues global journey

The worlds first solar powered plane “Solar Impulse 2” has landed in Hawaii, completing whats considered to be the most dangerous leg of its journey.

Solar impulse sunpower

The Solar Impulse 2 has been circumnavigating the globe this year

The plane, powered by Carmichael Browns partner and panel supplier, Sunpower, has been working on a round-the-world trip since march this year. Power to weight was critical in the construction of the Solar Impulse 2, and Sunpower’s higher efficiency panel technology was an ideal fit.

High Efficiency Solar Modules power the planes electrical engines and any excess energy is stored in a battery system, enabling the plane to continue flying at night.

Sunpower specialise in high efficiency solar PV panels, giving a much higher amount of watts per panel without increasing panel size. As a preferred partner Carmichael Browns are able to source and install Sunpower panels in the UK giving you the opportunity to maximise  your existing  roof space.

To see how Solar Power can benefit your business and to learn more about high efficiency panels contact us

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