Secure your Solar Feed In Tariff with preliminary accreditation

July 1st saw another small reduction in generation tariff rates paid for new solar PV installations under the feed in tariff scheme.

As part of a steady reduction as technology moves forward, newer installations will be paid at a lower rate to reflect the lowering costs  of equipment and new electricity market costs.

Installations commissioned before the tariff changes will fix and continue to receive the higher rate they had upon commissioning, inflation linked. But those missing a reduction deadlines will get the lower rate and miss out on an even higher return on their investment.

solar preliminary accreditation

Crittall Windows, secured with preliminary accreditation.

The growth of Solar PV in the UK has led to a structured approach in when the Feed in Tariff rates are examined and reduced, according to deployment in that installation size bracket (see feed in tariff page on our website for more info on these brackets).

In previous years blanket drops have been applied to all levels of new installations but now the reductions are tailored to which size installations are being deployed the most.

These regular drops are both good and bad for the industry.  On the one hand as technology lowers in cost and becomes more efficient, rates must be dropped to prevent over subsidisation and protection of our own cost of energy (this is where the funds for the FIT comes from after all). However, those who commission before these tariff changes are guaranteed a higher rate per unit of energy for the remaining years of their contract, but this can cause a rush to install before a certain tariff reduction.

Thankfully to gain some certainty and an ability to plan ahead, would be generators working with Carmichael Browns can secure a tariff with the help of our preliminary accreditation process service.

Carmichael Browns are able to preliminary accredit and apply to secure a tariff rate for an up to 6 months exclusivity period, regardless of planned adjustments thanks to preliminary accreditation process we offer.

In the past, poor media understanding coupled with drastic cuts due to high volumes of installations led people to believe that the feed in tariff had been scrapped altogether. However, this is not the case and the steady decrease over the years that we have now come to see, mirrors the ever growing capacity and popularity of solar installations in the UK. Payback periods and ROI’s are now higher than they have ever been!!

By working with Carmichael Browns you can ensure that you secure the current higher tariff rates, provided your installation is commissioned with 6 months of your preliminary accreditation.

Ensure you get the best tariff return on investment possible and call Carmichael Browns today! or Click Here to contact us!

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