Renewable Energy and Solar Water Heating Panels

 Solar Heating Solar water heating panels are a fabulous, low profile and definitely cost effective method of reducing your energy costs whilst still having plenty of hot water for your family’s needs. These systems basically utilize the heat of the sun (which is free by the way) to warm a reserve of water in order to provide a constant stream of hot water to your home.

Using a Solar water heating system to heat your water supply will;

    • Give you hot water the whole year round, although your water may need a little additional help throughout the coldest winter months.
    • Give you substantial savings on your energy bills – the sunshine is absolutely free of charge so after paying the installation charges you won’t have to pay a penny more to heat your water through the summer time.
  • You will be taking that first step to reducing your carbon footprint, everyone is being encouraged to do this in every possible avenue to help save the planet. Solar Thermal hot water systems are entirely green and can considerably reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from your home as you have to fire up your conventional boiler less. To top that off you’ll see those energy bills drop which is always guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Solar Thermal panels are place well out of the way, in the sunniest available positions on your roof. If you don’t have the available roof space or there’s too much shade from surrounding buildings or trees throughout the day, Solar thermal panels can be mounted elsewhere on a frame or even directly onto the walls of your home or office building. You may not even need to make many changes to your existing heating system as many modern hot water cylinders are perfectly compatible with new Solar thermal technology

This is just one way in which you and your family can get a little greener and save yourself a substantial amount on your energy bills at the same time.

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