Renewable Energy – The Future

Wind Farm renewable energyMuch of the industrialized world relies heavily on natural gas, coal and oil for their energy production – in short, we are extremely dependent upon fossil fuels. One very important thing to remember about fossil fuels is that they are not renewable – once they are used they are used up – gone, they are no more, they won’t come back in a hurry and as supplies dwindle the retrieval of fossil fuels can be very environmentally damaging as well as them becoming increasingly expensive.

There has to be another way – and there is . . .


Renewable Energy

There are a range of energy sources which are not running out any time soon – it doesn’t matter how much of it we use to create our energy it will still be there in the future. The sun will keep on shining, the wind will keep on blowing, the tides will keep on turning and the waves will keep on crashing along the shoreline.

It stands to reason that we need to start and utilize this renewable energy more (and hurry up about it). If we wait until the fossil fuels have been depleted it’ll be far too late – we’ve got to act now and switch more of our energy production to newer, renewable energy systems.

Solar Energy – the sun keeps on shining, okay, so it shines more in some parts of the world than it does in others but it still produces much more energy than we could ever use. Solar energy can be adapted for use in heating our homes, lighting our homes, heating our water supplies, generating electricity.

Wind Energy – the power of the wind can be harnessed using wind turbines and produce energy, the stronger it blows the more energy we can use.

Ocean Energy – a huge percentage of the earth is covered with water so why not harness the immense power of the crashing waves or simply the tidal power to create electricity.

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