Renewable Energy Choices

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The earth is full of clean renewable energy options available to the consumer, unfortunately in recent decades with the rise in usage of fossil fuels and more widespread use of cars and motor vehicles across the globe. Well now we are faced with decreasing supplies of oil and gas and everyone across the globe to turn their attention to renewable sources of energy to meet the requirements of modern life. This goes the same for governments, corporations and homeowners across the globe, and no one is seeing this demand more than the energy companies who supply power to the world. It’d widely acknowledged that now is the time to look at renewable energy sources more than ever. Let’s take a look at the “freebies”, readily available energy sources across the world from which we can harness power, namely, wind and sunshine.

Wind Power- this ability is nothing new, for centuries civilizations across the globe have harnessed the power of the wind into windmills, many of which we can still see to this day dotted across the countryside. These ancient designs have now been upgraded and improved, instead of grinding grains to make flour, now we can use them to turn that wind energy into electricity. Wind turbines are appearing everywhere both in the UK and abroad growing quickly as more and more people realize the ability to convert wind energy into clean emission free power

Solar Paneling- harnessing the power of the sun to create a renewable energy is another great way to take advantage of a “freebie” one that’s not going to run out for approximately 1 billion years. Never mind renewable, the sun is near in-exhaustible and contains far more power than the earth could ever use up. In fact in 20 days of sunshine there is enough power to rival and eclipse (no pun intended) all the oil, coal and natural gas in the world. That’s a lot of energy.

The technology exists and is steadily improving year upon year enabling us to utilize these renewable clean energy sources to power both out homes and our businesses. Solar Panels in particular are of interest to many organizations across the UK. Yes believe it or not the UK actually gets enough sunshine for Solar PV most of the time.

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