Permitted development of commercial solar raised

This week Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, announced that the permitted development rights for Solar PV in the UK would be increased from 50kW to 1 Megawatt, a 2000%

commercial solar

another business maximises roof space through commercial solar


This a huge boost for Commercial Solar rooftop installations. These changes to the development rights remove another barrier that surrounded installations of less than 1MW. In the past 18 months this sector has proven to be one of the fastest growing and most effective  with many businesses across the UK making the most of previously unused space with Solar PV.

The advantages of the governments feed in tariff scheme enable these businesses to receive regular payments for producing energy through their commercial solar PV systems. In addition to these payments, the business can significantly reduce their energy bills as they are producing a portion of their own green electricity on site.

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