Labour supports solar for schools

This week the Labour party, as part of their pre election campaign, revealed plans to assist schools in seeking funding for Solar PV. Previously solar for schools was limited due to restrictions on schools borrowing to pursue solar projects.

Labour’s commitment to solar for schools reflects the increased esteem Solar PV is held in following huge growths in recent years. Many businesses across the UK have pursued Solar PV over the past years and discussions of solar for schools have been a hot topic ever since the Government introduced the Feed In Tariff.

Schools are an ideal building for Solar PV with a near constant electricity requirement during daylight hours Monday-Friday, for the majority of the year. Most schools take a reasonably large footprint as buildings, giving a decent amount of roof space available for Solar PV.

In addition to generating a portion of their own electricity in site and reducing energy bills, another benefit to solar for schools comes with the governments feed in tariff. The scheme pays those who have invested in Solar PV a set figure fort every unit of electricity generated on site, if the energy is not being used on site ie school holidays and weekends then the energy can be exported back to the national grid for an additional fee paid to the school.

Schools in particular can also use their new investment as an additional learning tool, teaching students about renewable energy and carbon emissions.By having an on site example of how renewable energy works schools can promote awareness of green electricity to future generation.

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