How to install Solar panels on a flat roof space

Have you considered Solar panels but thought to yourself “how can they work here? We’ve got a flat roof they won’t catch any sun”.Well did you know that a flat roof can be one of the most efficient roofs for the installation of Solar PV? Because there is no sloping angle or dominant direction the roof faces in the panels can be mounted at the correct orientation to face the sun the most and the angle can be adjusted in design to maximize Solar ray capture throughout the day. Unlike with a pitched roof system a flat roof installation can be conducted in a non penetrative way meaning, it will not require fixing to the roof through bolts etc.

A flat roof mount system is constructed of a rail grid on which a mounting system is fixed; the panels are then mounted via this system. To prevent movement via wind the system is then weighed down using a ballast system. This is usually a weighty material such as sand filled hessian bags or Thermoplastic shaped blocks which provide stability to the system and prevent any movement of the panels.

As we mentioned previously the right flat roof can be perfectly suited to helping your business to pursue Solar PV and the feed in tariff scheme. The fact that panels can be orientated to face south, due to no pre existing slope of a roof, can bring about the best yields and subsequently the fastest returns on your PV system.

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