Improved Efficiency with Renewable Energy

Money Saving on commercial renewable energyAccording to the Government Department of Energy and Climate Change the value of a home in the north east of the UK can be increased by up to £19,000.  The reasons behind this statement are that buyers who are looking for a new home are increasingly conscious of the energy efficiency of a prospective property and are actively looking towards homes with Solar panels already installed.

If you are looking to purchase a house and for example you know that it has made good use of renewable energy solutions its relatively easy to get a good indication from the current owners about what their energy bills are like, from there you can work out your long term savings.

It’s not just about loweringyour monthly bills, but also increasing people’s knowledge of their environmental impact caused by their energy usage and taking steps to help make a difference for the future.

Manufacturers are always coming up with new solutions within renewable energy with demands in this area increasing every day.  It is not just domestic properties where there is a need to lower energy bills and green technology, the commercial properties sector is just as important if not more so considering how much extra power they can generate.  By looking to cut the overhead costs of a business by reducing energy bills, large offices or warehouses can make significant saving and apply it to their product or services.  This enables them to be more competitive as well as increase profits as a business.

Now is an exciting time to be involved in the world of renewable energy and more and more of our work is taking place in the commercial sector.  We have been part of the renewable industry from early on and have witnessed the changes that have occurred.  Initially these changes came mostly from domestic customer looking to go green or lower their household expenses, but now we are seeing a steady growth in enquiries for commercial properties.  Whether it’s a warehouse or an office block, a large factory or a smaller business or even open land to host a ground mounted system, more commercial scale PV systems are being sought after than ever before.

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