Eight in ten Brits favour Renewable Energy

Eight in ten people surveyed as part of a report published by the government support the UK using renewable energy scheme to generate electricity, fuel and heat and save money on their energy bills.

2,107 people were polled in December and January and just four per cent were opposed to using renewable energy.  This number has remained relatively consistent across the previous three surveys conducted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Solar energy was found to have the highest levels of support, with 82% favoring this type of technology, followed by offshore wind with an approval rating of 72% and wave and tidal arrays with a 71% rating.

Tellingly, 67% of people surveyed are worried UK supplies of fossil fuels are not sufficient to meet UK growing demands into the future, while a huge 88%of respondents are very concerned or fairly concerned at steep rises in energy prices in the next 10 to 20 years.

This news comes as National Grid revealed a record amount of electricity was generated by UK wind farms over the weekend.

On Sunday, wind farms produced more than 5GWh of power for the first time, which is enough to meet around 12 per cent of the nation’s electricity demand from industry, businesses and households.  With figures like these it is hard to see why anyone would be against having Solar energy for their home or business energy needs.

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