Banks look to Invest in solar

At a major conference of banks and investors this week, Sue Milton of international giant RBS, expressed a

invest in solar

One of Several Funded systems installed by Carmichael Browns

preference towards Solar PV as an investment technology. Its no secret that Solar PV has been steadily growing in the UK over the past decade. With many businesses have moved to utilise roof space by investing in Solar PV to not only reduce energy bills but also receive payments from the government Feed In Tariff.

In the past Investment companies have avoided pursuing energy but with recent booms in renewable energy, investment in Solar PV and other technologies were not only viable but also sustainable in the long term with a steady return on investment.

There are still many companies who wish to pursue investing in Solar PV but have limited capital outlay for a large project. In situations such as this third party companies who are keen to invest in Solar PV can come in, by working closely with a certified installer such as Carmichael Browns a company looking to pursue Solar PV with no Capital outlay. By entering a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA, a company with a large roof ideally suited to a Commercial Solar PV installation can receive a high quality installation to meet their requirements for no capital outlay. The Third party solar investment company will pay the installer for the cost of the installation and make any energy produced by the system available to the buildings occupier, essentially leasing the roof space from the building for a fixed period, after which the ownership of the Solar PV system reverts to the building owner.

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