SSE Announce Pricing Freeze

SSE have announced a freeze in their domestic electricity and gas prices until 2016.  Following on from the controversial price increase seen across the Big 6 energy suppliers, SSE have taken a leap and frozen their tariffs from further increase for the next 2 years.

The decision has been welcomed by energy secretary Ed Davey, especially as it should prompt the other large players to do likewise. SSE have stated that the price freeze would lower profits but that they were taking steps to “streamline” the business to cover shortfall. The move has echoes of the popular labour policy of price freezing for energy companies and whilst popular with consumers, SSE’s choice has been criticized by many in the industry.

SSE, however, are unfazed. In a statement by their Chief Executive, Alistair Philips-Davies states that “delivering the lowest possible energy prices” to their customers was “central to everything we do”. Mr Phillips- Davies went on to tell the BBC “One of biggest concerns they [customers] have is that energy prices may well be going up again.”

The man leading Britain’s second biggest energy supplier also made a call for the government to rethink green taxes.  He floated the idea that green taxes should be removed from energy bills and achieved through general taxation instead. He stated that through this method green taxes would be spread equally depending on levels of income thus preventing extra charges on those in less financially stable households.

Consumers across the country are now asking if their energy supplier will be matching SSE’s commitment to price freezing.

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