The Process Of Getting Your Solar Panels Installed

stand alone solar panelGetting solar panels installed onto your commercial real estate is going to be a much smoother process if you know what to expect. The various solar energy companies out there will have their own unique approach, but when it comes down to it the outline of what you can expect is the same

The On-site Survey

To begin proceedings the solar panel installation service needs to make a visit in order to provide you with an accurate quote of what the job will cost, or even give you a proposal for what the job will cost. Getting an upfront proposal where you get to pay in advance might be to your benefit, because it means there will be no nasty surprises in the form if unexpected fees. Some companies might even offer you a free on-site evaluation, and this is what you ideally want because that will allow you to get evaluations from several companies without any investment.

Design Phase

During this phase the commercial solar panel installation service will come up with a design that will be used on the roof. If you have any input about what you want the design to include then a flexible service will take what you have on board and design something that will meet your expectations.

The Installation

A reputable service will have an installation phase that doesn’t take longer than what was agreed upon. Depending on the nature of your business processes the installation might cause interruption, for example if the electricity needs to be turned off as the solar panel system is being integrated with the electrics of the building. At Carmichael Browns we make sure that the disruption is minimal and that the installation phase is as quick and painless as possible.


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