Green Deal Interest Growing

New figures released this month from DECC have shown and increased interest in the Green Deal Scheme

Since the scheme was launched in January there have been over 9,200 assessments lodged.

The latest figures show that the number of assessments has dramatically picked up over the last month, with 7,465 assessments lodged in March – a 331% increase from February’s figures.

In addition to the growing figures, the Green Deal Finance Company has confirmed a £244 million funding package with DECC, the UK Green Investment Bank and other stakeholders.

The package will consist of committed funding of £69 million from 16 members of the company and other stakeholders in the Green Deal in the form of Stakeholder Loans and Junior Capital. In addition the finance package will include additional Junior Capital Facility of £20 million and a Contingent Capital Facility of up to £30 million provided by DECC as well as a senior debt facility of £125 million provided by the UK Green Investment Bank.

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