Green Deal Energy £125m Cash Back

The government is set to release details of the £125 million cash back scheme that it hopes willsolar pv and Solar thermal part of green deal kick-start interest in its flagship Green Deal energy efficiency programme.

Although final details will not be announced until next week, Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said he hoped the measure would be the first step towards instituting the “sea change” he wants the Green Deal to engender in the UK’s energy efficiency standards.

The Green Deal is due to go live on 28 January, at which point homeowners and businesses will be able to sign the first contracts under the scheme.

The Green Deal will enable participants to choose from a list of 45 property improvements designed to promote energy efficiency  Solar PV and thermal are both among the technologies qualifying under the Green Deal covering:

  • insulation
  • heating and hot water (air source heat pump, Solar thermal)
  • glazing
  • micro generation (generating your own energy).

For the commercial sector lighting, mechanical ventilation and heat recovery measures can also be covered. More areas may be added as technology develops. For more information about how renewable energy can help you, please get in touch

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