G59 Application Process

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The application process for a G59 can vary from area to area.

A G59 application is required in order for your business to feed electricity back to the grid and add another revenue stream to your returns from Solar PV. The organisation that process and approve G59 is called a DNO or Distribution Network Operator. DNOs operate on a area basis and cover the country between them, each DNO will have slightly different rules regarding the G59 application process and it is advisable to establish which Distribution Network Operator you will need to apply to and check their procedures.

As a guide the following will be required as standard:

  • Site Address details including grid reference and company registration details
  • MPAN number (this is your metering point administration number, which can be found on you energy bills)
  • A letter of Authority from the site owner/person responsible to confirm you have authority to discuss the sites power with the DNO- this must be signed and dated on company headed paper.
  • A single line diagram detailing imnstallation factors inclusinginverters, modules, isolators meters and relays.
  • Any data sheets to accompany the projects chosen inverter(s)
  • A boundary map – showing site boundaries clearly marked and indications of current meter location(s)
  • A completed connection form- more commonly known as an ENA Generator Application Form. This id available from your DNO.

Once the above information has been compiled and the forms completed, they can be emailed to the relevant DNO with a cover letter outlining the system.

It’s also advisable to submit the pack under the site name and postcode and use that as titles for any emails, this enables ease of tracking especially if you arte submitting multiple site applications.

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