Commercial Solar PV Benefits

Ensure that your business is protected against the ever increasing energy costs with a Commercial Solar PV installation from Carmichael Browns, an experienced commercial engineering business, working to bring sustainable energy to the UK commercial sector.

Commercial is one of the biggest energy saving industries that can make a big impact on energy usage.  By changing to a more economic and sustainable energy source you can not only save yourself money long term but you can also be confident in the knowledge you are helping save the planet.

There are many benefits to having Commercial Solar PV Panels installed with key benefits available to your business include the following :

  • Create your own on site clean, zero cost electricity from a sustainable source with no additional site required
  • Produce clean energy all year round lowering background power costs
  • Insulate yourself against rising energy costs
  • Earn a 20 year guaranteed inflation linked income from your roof space
  • Reduce your company’s  environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • See a real time reductions in your energy costs from the very first day
  • Increase your buildings and business’s energy efficiency rating
  • Offset your payments under the Carbon Reduction Scheme by saving CO2 365 days per year every year

By investing into the Feed In Tariff your business is helping the UK take the first step towards a cleaner sustainable future and you will receive payments for doing so.

Investing in Solar PV can give you the chance to take advantage of 20 years of guaranteed payments from a passive income source.

To find out about how we at Carmichael Browns are helping companies just like yours, and to see our past installations, please visit our case studies page HERE.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange your free consultation by clicking HERE or calling us on 01245 227 100 for an obligation free quote from one of our experienced team.

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