Commercial sector consider Solar to beat rising energy prices

commercial Solar solutionsHigh tech manufacturers in the Commercial Sector in the UK are considering investing in their own renewable power supplies, particularly solar, to shield themselves from future energy price increases.

A survey of over 400 senior executives in the UK high tech manufacturing sector by multinational GE revealed “high levels of concern” over future UK energy supply, with two thirds of respondents reporting “detrimental” effects on their business from a lack of clarity on energy policy.

The vast majority of survey respondents – 84%  said they were concerned over the future affordability of energy in the UK with the ongoing rising prices that seem to happen yearly.  Some three in five – 61%  expressed concern over the future security of energy supply in the UK.

As a consequence, almost half – 49%  are considering investing in on-site renewable energy generation or energy efficient technologies. Of this group, 61% said they were considering installing Solar power at their commercial business premises.

Carmichael Browns have 30 years of experience working within the commercial sector and are well place to assist in the planning and installation of energy saving solutions including solar.  Installing renewable energy solutions into your premises can not only help with your energy bills but can also potentially bring an additional income too, through the Governments Feed it Tariff (FIT) Scheme.

To find out more about Commercial Solar and the benefits it can offer to you and your business contact Carmichael Browns who will be more than happy to help you sort out all your renewable energy concerns.

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