Bills Could Rise by 36% to Curb Emissions

Energy-intensive companies will see energy bills soar by as much as £5 million a year due to carbon taxes and support for nuclear and renewable energy, according to a study by DECC.  Medium-sized companies face an average rise of around 22%.

The UK government is attempting to drive up renewables and nuclear power in order to meet the U.K.’s targets to cut greenhouse gases  by at the very least 34% by 2020 from the levels it reached in the 1990’s.The government is also trying to gain a share of the 3.3 trillion-pound global market for clean energy, not a simple task but one that is achievable through work and possible incentives and will help to curb emissions and the inevitable energy price increases.

A recent study shows that the costs to businesses has increased since the government last published the analysis in November 2011.  Then, the maximum impact of government policies on the heaviest corporate energy users was a 20% increase in 2020; with the projection for medium-sized companies being a 19% gain.

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