Beat the Tariff Drop with Carmichael Browns

Last Month the UK government announced sweeping changes to the immensely popular Feed In Tariff Scheme.

These changes involve a drastic reduction in the amount paid per watt of energy produced on new installations.

These changes will come into force from January 2016 and so there is a 3 month window for those who were previously planning to install before the new year to act and gain the current rate. Previously strategic cuts have been made several times a year to reflect changes and decreases in the cost of technology as Solar PV becomes more popular.

These latest cuts will drop the standard generation tariff from 12p to around 1.5 pence per unit of energy produced.

Solar PV installations completed before December 31st will still have their original prices honoured, as will any installations performed before December 31st 2015.

The Feed in Tariff is currently experiencing a rate of return putting most Solar installations, either domestic or commercial, into a relatively quick payback period of under 7 years. As energy prices rise while the cost of technology and installation continues to be ever more viable, Solar PV and renewable energy are becoming popular methods for homeowners and businesses to insulate themselves from potential costs increases or energy shortages in the future.

Guarantee your feed in tariff for 20 years and get your installation commissioned before December 31st! Contact Carmichael Browns today 





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