Solar Panels – Renewable Energy

The government has made a pledge to have 7 million UK homes using Solar power as an alternative way to generate energy  by the year 2020.  In order for the government to reach this targeted number they have put in place incentives to get more homes switching to Solar.   Solar panel installers in the Essex region where Carmichael Brown are based, will initially come to your home or business and assess the possibility of installing Solar panels for you.  Most homes can have solar panels installed but the odd rare home may need a lot more work to ensure enough sun can be gained from its position.  When they assess the property they will take in to consideration any overhanging trees or other blocks to the amount of sunshine your roof will get, along with the slope of the roof before giving you a quote to get the right type of panels installed.  Solar panels are the best option today for adding renewable energy to your home or business, it is the best possible way to generate energy that is not over taxing on the environment. 

It makes no difference if you are a business or a household, energy in some form is needed to operate the daily running of everyday items, along with needing to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.  By using Solar panels you can generate energy using the sun’s rays.

Solar panels work by the sun’s rays getting harnessed by the panels to create free electricity for your home or business. They will store any unused energy for cloudy days so you are never left without power. By using the sun and its rays you are in no way putting any extra negative impact upon the environment, so eventually when more homes and businesses sign up to the scheme it will make a large difference to the sustainability of the current environment situation.

Solar Panels are a wise investment for any home or business. Initially you do have to outlay the price of the Solar panels and installation, but to help you get started the government is offering financial support to get more homes changed over to this system so they can meet their target by the year 2020.

To find the right Solar panel installers Essex you need to look no further than Carmichael Browns Renewable Energy. The company has been in business for over 30 years and have been providing both large and small installations of Solar panels around the country. They are one of the most experienced and qualified installers in the industry and can provide you with the best possible service, and not only that they are fully accredited to give you the extra confidence that you are using the right company right from the start. Why not contact Carmichael Browns Renewable Energy and see what they can offer you.