Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

Solar panel installations for commercial buildings are not just about creating electricity to help reduce energy bills, whilst this is important for any business many are choosing to install Solar panels to take advantage of Government incentives with the view to earning a good return on investment on the initial installation.

Commercial Office BuildingIn order to leverage these benefits you need to make sure that you use a company that has qualified engineers and installers using top quality systems too. This is one of the areas where we sit head and shoulders above the competition. We are an early adopter of renewable energy and our team are not only qualified to work with all kinds of renewable energy but they have a wealth of experience in this area too.

Once we have installed your Solar panels for commercial buildings we will ensure that you can easily monitor the amount of energy generated which gives you data that you can use within your business. You might want to talk about how you are a green company and creating your own electricity which is becoming more and more important to consumers today, whether you are selling to the public or to other businesses. You will also be able to see what return you are getting on your initial investment.

We are seeing more and more people investing in solar for commercial properties by installing them on buildings that they don’t own. The Government incentives stay with the person/company that had the Solar panels installed and this can be different to the person/company that owns the building.  So you could potentially pay for the installation on someones roof that is not yours, you take the incentives and the owner takes the free electricity. Everybody wins!

We take you through the whole process from the initial consultation; we can advise you of the options open to you and will work with you throughout the whole project. If you want to discuss how Solar panels for commercial buildings can benefit you then please contact us today.